About the Center

 A global professional scientific training organization provides consulting and training solutions appropriate to the needs of trainees from all groups of society of individuals and institutions based on specific professional training criteria of high level in order to improve the training and development works to the optimum levels.   The American International Center for Training has been established in the U.S. in 1998 and work initiated well, then spread at the highest level in all parts of the world.  In 2008 it was agreed that cooperation in the Middle East in the area of training, consulting and accessing to the administrative and developmental works to high-quality levels, and Dr. Yousef Manafikhi was accredited as the exclusive agent of the Center for the American International Center for Training.   In the beginning of 2009 the first step was accomplished with the accreditation of trainers in the Middle East accredited trainers for the Center in accordance with the terms of the global accreditation status of the center.

Trainees obtaining the certificate

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